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6 Hottest Affordable Men’s Fashion Trends for 2024

Men’s fashion trends come and go, but dressing affordably never goes out of style. Even when finances feel tight, guys want to look sharp and pull together outfits that align with current trends. The good news is that runway styles tend to trickle down to more accessible price points in some form. By paying attention to key movements in the industry, men can discover budget-friendly options to craft fashion-forward looks.

Ready to restock your closet for less? Here are 6 affordable men’s fashion trends to expect in 2024. Building versatile, on-trend wardrobes is possible without draining your accounts. Savvy shopping and an eye for detail will prep guy’s styles for the upcoming year.

The New Basics

In 2024, we’ll see men embracing more basic pieces as wardrobe essentials. Simple T-shirts, jeans, chinos, button-down shirts, and other basics will take center stage. Men will invest in high-quality essentials made from comfortable fabrics like cotton, linen and stretch materials. Brands like Everlane and Asket offer back-to-basics apparel at reasonable prices. Building a capsule wardrobe of versatile basics makes getting dressed easier and more affordable.


With remote and hybrid work arrangements on the rise, workleisure (comfortable clothing suitable for both working and lounging) will gain more traction in 2024. We’ll see men wearing stretchy joggers, performance pants, polos, henleys and knit button-downs that bridge athleisure and business casual. Brands like Lululemon, Rhone and Vuori offer workleisure essentials priced under $100. The workleisure trend allows men to mix comfort with professional polish.

Pre-Loved Fashion

Fast fashion’s negative impacts on the environment will drive more men towards pre-loved and vintage fashion in 2024. Platforms like Depop, Poshmark and The RealReal make pre-owned fashion more accessible. Men who take pride in quality craftsmanship over quantity will dip into the secondhand market for unique vintage finds from brands like Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Ralph Lauren Vintage at steep discounts. Pre-loved fashion provides affordable access to well-made investment pieces.

Bold Colors and Prints

In 2024, we’ll see men break out of the neutral color palette and experiment with vibrant hues and eye-catching prints. Colors like cobalt blue, mustard yellow and forest green will gain traction, along with vibrant Hawaiian shirts and colorful pattern mixing. Mass brands like Zara and H&M make it affordable to add pops of color. Bold prints and colors breathe new life into basics like t-shirts, button-downs, and shorts.

Tailored Athleisure

The athleisure market will skew towards more tailored fits in 2024. Men will look for elastic-waist joggers, performance chinos, jackets and polos in streamlined silhouettes inspired by athletic and outdoor apparel. Brands like Ten Thousand, Vuori and Lululemon offer functional technical clothing with a refined, put-together aesthetic. The tailored athleisure trend retains comfort while dialing up the polish factor. Careful construction provides mobility minus the sloppy sweatsuit look.

Utility Details

Utility accents add tactile interest and function to men’s closet staples in 2024. We’ll see workwear-inspired details like patch pockets, storm flaps and zipper closures modernized on everyday pieces. Mass market brands like Gap and Uniqlo do utilitarian details at reasonable price points. Whether it’s a button-down shirt with chest pockets, a fleece-lined trucker jacket or cargo joggers, utility elements reinvent basics. Men will appreciate design touches that balance form and function.

Final Words

By focusing on quality over quantity, embracing pre-loved fashion, and incorporating functionality, men can build versatile wardrobes reflecting 2024’s most relevant trends. Update basics with bold prints, try brands focused on ethical production, and add tailored athleisure for a comfortable yet polished aesthetic. The menswear trends of 2024 make affordable fashion sustainable for both wallet and planet.


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